Artist Spaces: Rizzhel Javier

Artist: Rizzhel Javier

Location: Tijuana, B.C., MX

Rizzhel Javier is a San Diego based artist and educator. During our portrait session in Tijuana, she shared stories of her Filipino-American roots. She shared how the juxtaposition of Tijuana and the Philippines makes her feel at home. Rizzhel brought along Filipino fabrics and textiles to use in her images.

From | Her work explores topics in identity, memory, culture and human relationships. As a first generation Filipino-American, Rizzhel uses her art practice to dissect her identity, and that of the larger Filipino-American community through the research and creation of art projects. Her art is grounded in social practice, with the intent to engage the public and build a dialogue on topics that are often difficult to discuss or understand. For Rizzhel art is a way for people to build communication skills and a sense of community.