Dreams, Daydreaming, & Dreamers | The Front Gallery | San Ysidro, CA (People's Choice Award)
Somos Luz y Oscuridad

A mixed media collaboration with Tijuana based artist Gerardo Diego Cuevas Barajas

Confronting Mortality | L.A. Photo Curator International Award | Los Angeles, CA (Third Place Recipient)
Autopsy Report as part of the project When I Was 8

Ejercicios Fotográficos: re-imaginando en risografíco | Out Here MX | Tijuana, MX
Risograph printed photography curated by Luisa Martinez + David Peña

Weird Hues | San Ysidro, CA
Tu y Yo / You + I
Participatory installation exploring the San Diego, Tijuana border region.

Dia De La Mujer | The Front Gallery | San Ysidro, CA (People's Choice Award)
Photography, creative writing, and installation piece exploring the present day female experience.

Women in Light: Weapon of Choice | San Diego City College | San Diego, CA


Ladies First Group Exhibition | San Diego, CA
Digital photographic collage.

Photographer's Lounge Group Exhibition | San Diego, CA
Analog Photography.

Black and White and Red All Over | San Diego, CA
Analog Photography.