Laura Arongo
Bogotá, Colombia
b. 1990

Conversation themes: birth names, identity + creativity, societal pressures on career paths, impact of news on emotions, lack of home, creation of home, movement, travel.

Laura's response: Poetry

A traveler's blessing and curse...

Whose soul is not only divided into two, but into a million.
How many have taken a part of your own?
How many have left you with something of theirs?
A traveler always wonder what's on the other side of the ocean...
Because they're curious, incomplete and in a way, empty beings. But this emptiness is also what charges them with energy and strength..
A traveler's heart is pure and sensible because nostalgia is always present.
But this nostalgia also gets channeled into struggle, and this struggle becomes light that lightens everyone and everything.
A traveler is a complete-incomplete being...

And this is both our strength and biggest weakness.

Human Being x Photographer is an ongoing participatory photography project and experiment created by Cat Coppenrath in San Diego, CA. Using a systems perspective, conversations and photographs begin from micro connections and will move outward. Supporting the belief that photography should always be a collaborative effort between photographer and subject, participants are asked to respond to the experience and images with their own artistic expression. All frames are shot throughout the conversation on a 6x6 Ferrania Elioflex analog camera.

Interestingly, this forgotten camera was found lying in a bin at the local swap meet. As this project is also a personal exploration for the photographer, the images being created using this camera are symbolic of process: taking risks, overcoming fear, and learning along the way.