Somos Luz y Oscuridad (2018)

A collaborative mixed media project with Tijuana based artist Gerardo Diego Cuevas Barajas (@youpayforlife).

“We are presently dealing with the accumulation of a whole society that has worshiped its light side and refused the dark, and this residue appears as war, economic chaos, strikes, racial intolerance. The front page of any newspaper hurls the collective shadow at us.” - Owning Your Own Shadow by Robert A. Johnson

All things exist in balance. The balance within our own psyche of dark and light, good and bad, right and wrong is defined by movement. Within this spectrum exists what Jungan psychology would describe as our persona - our mask - and our shadow - repressed ideas, instincts, impulses, desires, perversions, and fears. The latter often becomes rejected and repressed by societal expectations and norms. This fragmentation appears in our subconscious behavior, our politics, complex social issues, and most commonly - in our dreams.

The artists have used line, blur, and multiple exposure portraits to symbolize a movement and balance between light and dark, persona and shadow. Artists encourage the viewer to reflect on their own relationship with their shadow imposing the question - What have you rejected within yourself? Where do you see this manifest itself in your world?

People’s Choice Award @ The Front Arte Cultura